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Health Care Websites 
BC's online health guide - with the assurance of reliable up-to-date information. 
Offering quality food and nutrition information and resources for B.C. residents. 
Health information and resources on Van. Isl. to help you through every stage of your child's growth and development. 

Info about how young children grow and learn. Aims to strengthen the parenting knowledge, skills, and confidence of all those who touch the lives of children from birth to age 5. 
Sound Canadian information and the latest research in child development and parenting topics. 
The first 6 years are the most critical in a child's development. Success by Six, South Vancouver Island, supports communities working together to give our youngest children the building blocks for a happy, safe, and successful life. 
BC Council for Families: Educational resources on parenting, childhood development, parent-teen relationships, work-life balance, suicide awareness and more. 

Child Care 
Child Care and Referral Resources and information for Vancouver Island. 

For both Birth and Postpartum Doulas 

 A great resource magazine for all parents on Vancouver Island.
The website for Canadian publication Today’s Parent Magazine
A fun way to plan a family fun day out in Canada.

The Moms Aloud! social network is a FREE online community that lets you share all the things that make you who you are -- photos, videos, music, your blog, your recipes, exciting events in your life, things that you are passionate about, things that make you crazy, questions you have -- all in one place. Become a part of this exciting growing mommy community! 

 Want to know what is in your child's personal care products, check out this site. 
Great Cheat Sheets.