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Although this website is not strictly limited to food and products for babies and kids, this is where you would find current and past information about Canadian recalls of food and products for children.

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Melissa and Doug

November 2009

Product Name
Slice and Bake Cookie set, Shape Sorting Cube, and Pound a Peg by Melissa & Doug

Full Product Description
This recall involves all batches of the following three products by Melissa & Doug.

  • Slice and Bake Cookie Set: The set includes a tube of 12 sliceable wooden cookies with 12 decorative toppings, a kitchen mitt, a wooden cookie sheet, knife and spatula. The recalled sets can be identified by UPC 000772040747. Health Canada tested batch number ZP1208.

  • Shape Sorting Cube: This toy is a wooden cube with a lid and 12 colourful cut-out shapes that fit into 12 holes, based on the shape. The cut-out shapes are red, yellow, green, and blue. The recalled toys can be identified by UPC 000772005753. Health Canada tested batch number XY0309.

  • Pound-a-Peg: This toy includes 8 colourful wooden pegs, a wooden hammer, and a wooden bench. The pegs are red, green, yellow, and blue, and can be pounded into the wooden bench using the hammer. The recalled toys can be identified by UPC 000772004961. Health Canada tested batch number ZP0609.
The UPC and lot number can be found on the product packaging.

Hazard Identified
Testing by Health Canada has revealed that the surface paint on the toys contains barium in excess of the allowable limit.

Some forms of barium are safely used in medical and commercial applications, while other forms of barium can be toxic, causing adverse health effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cramps as well as more severe symptoms. Children's toys coated with paint containing barium in excess of the allowable limit are strictly prohibited in Canada.

Health Canada has not received any reports of incidents or illnesses related to the use of this product.

For some tips to help consumers choose safe toys and to help them keep children safe when they play with toys, see Health Canada's:  Toy Safety Tips.

Corrective Action
Consumers should immediately take the recalled toys away from children.

Consumers may return the item to the store where it was purchased for a full refund, or contact Melissa & Doug to exchange the product.

For more information, consumers may contact Melissa & Doug at 1-203-762-4500.

Number Sold
Approximately 26,290 units of the recalled products were sold across Canada.

Time Period Sold
The recalled products were sold from November 2008 to November 2009.

Manufactured in China.

Melissa & Doug Inc. of Westport, Connecticut

Heinz Mixed Cereal

TORONTO, December 11, 2009 – With an abundance of precaution and in cooperation with Health Canada, Heinz Canada is voluntarily recalling a limited amount of Heinz Mixed Cereal (Add Breast Milk or Infant Formula – purple banner) with best before dates of December 26 and December 29, 2010. No other Heinz products or cereal varieties are affected.

A very small number of Heinz Mixed Cereal (Add Breast Milk or Infant Formula – purple banner) packages were found to have extremely low levels of ochratoxin (a secondary metabolite of mould associated with grains). The affected products have a UPC 0 57000 02516 8 and production code of BB/MA 10 DE 26 and BB/MA 10 DE 29. The product code information can be found at the top and front of the package.

No illness has been reported.

The CFIA said that "even the highest levels of ochratoxin A found in these products are not high enough to pose a health risk when consumed as part of a normal diet over the short term." Therefore, if any children have already consumed the affected cereal, there is no need for further action, according to experts at Health Canada.

Heinz Canada is taking immediate action to ensure that any affected product is removed from store shelves. We recommend that consumers discard the affected product and contact Heinz for a full refund.

Heinz Canada’s baby foods have been trusted by Canadian parents for over 75 years. While the levels of ochratoxin are extremely low, we believe that the right thing to do is to withdraw the affected product from the market.

Stork Craft Cribs

All Stork Craft cribs with a manufacturing date between May 2000 and November 2008 are included in this voluntary recall. The manufacturing date can be found on the lower right hand corner of the instruction sheet which is glued on the mattress base.

The cribs were sold in various styles and finishes. The manufacture date, model number, crib name, country of origin, and the firm's name, address, and contact information are located on the assembly instruction sheet attached to the mattress support board. The firm's insignia "storkcraft baby" is inscribed on the drop side teething rail of some cribs.

The metal support brackets used to support the mattress frame can crack and break after stress is put upon them during incorrect installation. If one or more support brackets break, the mattress could potentially collapse and create a dangerous gap between the mattress and crib rails in which a child can become entrapped and suffocate.

Health Canada has received one complaint in which the metal mattress support bracket failed. No injury resulted from this incident.

Please note that these products meet current safety standards. This notice is posted as a precautionary measure. Stork Craft, in cooperation with Health Canada, is conducting a voluntary recall of this consumer product.

All consumers should carefully examine the support brackets for any signs that they may be damaged. If there is reason for concern, consumers should immediately stop using the recalled cribs and find an alternative, safe sleeping environment for their baby.

Consumers should not return the crib. All consumers with cribs manufactured between May 2000 and November 2008 should contact Stork Craft to receive a free replacement kit with new mattress support brackets.

For more information, consumers may contact Stork Craft toll-free at 866-361-3321 anytime to order the free replacement kit