There is lots of great shopping for babies in Nanaimo. We have  something for the frugal mom, the natural mom, the boutique mom, we have it all. The list that we have included here is just the beginning of what is available and we will not post on a store or a resource that we haven't checked out ourselves, so be patient with us as the list will take some time to develop. 


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Used Shopping Online
This a a great resource for the mom that likes to reduce (the amount of money that she spends), reuse (stuff that has been loved by a family already) and recycle (toys and kids stuff that might otherwise end up in the trash or landfill). Its not for everyone but it is certianly worth a look.  Another plus is that  you can check things out from the comfort of your own home. There are a few sites and we feel  that they are pretty similar so we will leave it to the shopper to decide thier own preference.  These sites are also great place to sell your stuff when your child no longer needs it.    The website for Used Nanaimo, just clck on "Children's Needs" and you can start looking. Adds are arranged chronologically based on when they are posted but you can also use the search feature if you are looking for a particular item.  The website for the Nanaimo section of Kijiji. Under the heading "buy and sell" there are two sections that might be of intrest to mommies. There is a sections for "baby's needs" and a section for "toys and games", but again there is a search function for your convenience.  The website for the Nanaimo section of Craigslist. Under the heading "for sale" you can look at "toys+kids" and "toys+games" and see what is available. Once again there is a search feature for you to use is you want to.

So a few tips when buying things from these sites....
  • it is okay to haggle and offer less than the asking price, but you will want to pay attention to how old the post is...if it has only been up for one day the seller is not likely to take too much less for the item. Also if it is a "hot" or popular item then you will probably have to pay asking price for it if you want it. 
  • act fast, these things can move pretty quickly so if you want it contact the seller right away, most sellers will operate on a first come, first served basis. Also if most sellers will keep a waiting list of sorts so that if the first b uyer bails they will contact the next in line
  • if you make an appointment to see an item or buy and item, keep your appointment, it is only courteous. If you cant make your appointment then contact the sellers, they are mom's too so they will probably understand

A few more tips for when you are selling from these sites....
  • this is just an opinion but ALWAYS include a picture of the item that you are selling....think about it would you likely buy something without seeing a picture. If you don't have a digital camera you can usually find a picture of your item  by searching Google Images
  • Describe the item you are selling in as much detail as you can.  Again if you search the item on the internet you can find a website somewhere that already has a fantastic description already if you aren't feeling creative. If it is from a "smoke free, pet free" home then say that. Also phrases like "in good used condition" or "barely used" help buyers understand more about the condition of the item and help you sell it
  • you can chose whether you want to communicate with buyers via e-mail or phone

Consignment Shopping
This is another option for saving some money while still getting quality merchandise. A consignment store is a retail establishment that offers for sale goods that are owned by others. Consignment shops earn a profit by retaining a portion of the purchase price of the goods that are sold. So basically moms like you and me take their clothing and toys to a consignment store, that store then turns around and sells it. Some of the profit goes to the mom who can either take it in cash or used it to purchase new-used items from the store and the consignment shop take the other portion of the profit. What percentage the mom gets is different for every shop and that is something that you want to find out before you take your items to be sold at a consignment store. Also if you are thinking of consigning your things you want o find out all the terms; how long will they try and sell it for?  what happens to the stuff that doesn't sell?  Do you get a bigger percentage of the profits if you take it in store credit? 

Kinderbeez Children's Consignment
Or check them out on Facebook by searching "Kinderbeez"

This store is located in Duncan, which is one hour south of Nanaimo but it is well worth the drive. They have lots of used merchandise; clothing, books, toys, stroller and accessories. They also have a nice selection of new merchandise including an awesome selection of Melissa & Doug as well as a lots of cool stuff made by small businesses. It is very well organized, sorted by age and sex and the prices are fair.

2755 Beverly Street


Kit n' Caboodle Quality Children's Consignment Ltd.
Or check them out on Facebook by searching " Kit n' Caboodle"

As it says on their website they are " Nanaimo, B.C.'s newest (and only) childrens consignment store!".  Located at #36-1925 Bowen Road, right next to Balloons and Bears. They carry clothing (sizes 0-6X), toys, furniture, strollers, highchairs, nursery equipment, books and maternity clothing.They are open Monday to Friday 9:30 - 4:30 and on Saturdays from 10:00 - 5:00. 

This is just the beginning for this store, they have plans to bring in some very cool new merchandise in the upcoming months. Also make sure to join their Facebook page because the owner is going to offer deals and incentives exclusively to their Facebook member.s 

#36-1925 Bowen Rd

(250) 585-KIDS

Kool & Child  - Kool Toys and Teaching Tools

Visit Vancouver Island's largest specialty toy store! Over 4,000 sq ft of unique toys and educational products to surprise and delight children of all ages! A locally owned family business proudly serving Nanaimo since 1992. Prepare to be amazed!
Kool & Child now has a online catlouge, which is great and very conveneient. 

Extended Holiday Hours
Monday, Teusday and Saturday   10:00 - 5:30
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday10:00 - 8:00
Sunday12:00 - 5:00

Located at 208 Wallace Street, Nanaimo
(250) 716-1777

Hard Candy Baby Boutique


Hard Candy Baby Boutique is a funky store that is locally owned and carries a vast assortment of fun and unique merchandise for you and your baby. You can visit thier store or you can go to their website and order online. Here are just a few of the great prodcuts that they carry:

Pillowcase Dresses
These adorable dresses are made from recycled pillowcases, here on Vancouver Island.  These are made to fit around the chest and then flow down like a bell.  One of a kind.

Aden & Anais Muslin Blankets
These are great for all seasons!! This light blanket can be used as a swaddler, receiving/stroller blanket, it's even big enough to line the bottom of a playpen.  Coming in a variety of modern colors and pattern. 

Ringley Organic Teether
This is the most popular Canadian natural teether! Made from an UNTREATED Maple wood ring and a 100% Organic cotton terrycloth, it comes either knotted or unknotted depending on preference.  Another great product that doesn't take up space in your diaper bag, but might buy you and your baby a few quiet minutes of entertainment.  

Hard Candy Baby Boutique is located at #12-221 Second Ave W in Qualicum Beach, BC

Our phone number is (250) 752-4769

Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sun:  11:00 am - 4:00 pm

With extended Sunday hours, 11-4 until Christmas

Or on Facebook: