What are we all about? 

Necessity is a noun that is defined as "something essential or indispensable".  We thought a lot about what we needed as new moms in Nanaimo, what would be indispensable to us.....extra time, easy to access resources, ideas about what to do and where to go with our babies, and since it was a wish list, eyes in the back of our head, an extra set of hands and a candy bar that actually makes you lose weight when you eat it. Sadly we are not magic wizards that can make all your dreams come true. What we can do hopefully is help make resources easily available to you to save you some time and make your experience as a mother a bit easier. 

What's New?

If you are visiting this site regularly you probably want to know what is new since you last visited. The following links will take you to recently updated pages  and the new content will be indicated by a "NEW" logo for your convenience. Also they will usually be new posts on the blog every day or so so you can always check there for new content. Hope this helps out. Thanks

Website Library - a listing of some good websites 


Phone Book- a listing of some useful phone numbers for mommys

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